FCC SEMINAR April 17 – April 19, 2018 – LAS VEGAS!!

With Special Guest Speaker Jon Zenz

(Jon Zenz Consulting/PEMMCORP)

 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Airport

  7250 Pollock Drive

        Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119, USA

         TEL: +1-702-948-4000

RMS Engineering, Inc. (RMS) is presenting its 2018 FCC Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada. The classes will be focused on the Fundamentals of FCC operations, troubleshooting, mechanical reliability, unit optimization and design.

Day 1 – FCCU Fundamentals

Presenter: Reza Sadeghbeigi
 Process & Equipment Description
 Control Scheme
 Feedstock & Catalyst Properties
 Chemistry of Converter Reactions
 Heat Balance
 Operating Variables
 Environmental Compliance

Day 2 FCC Catalyst Fluidization

Presenters Jon Zenz & Reza Sadeghbeigi

Topics (all with Video):
 Fundamentals of Fluidization
 Jet Penetration, Bubble Size, Bed Expansion
 Streaming Flow and Bed Internals
 Catalyst Entrainment
 Cyclones Design, including Trickle Valves, etc.
 Catalyst Flow in Standpipes
 Catalyst Stripping, Capacity & Efficiency
 Air & Spent Catalyst Distributors

Day 3 Troubleshooting & Unit Optimization

Presenters : Reza Sadeghbeigi & Jon Zenz


 Sub-Par product Yields
 Leading Indicators & Workshop
 Catalyst Loss Issues
 Inadequate and/or Erratic Circulation
 Excessive Afterburning
 Premature Coking & Fouling
 No Cost Optimization Knobs
 Low Cost Optimization Projects
 High Cost Upgrades

A few examples of who should attend are:
• Operators, advance control engineers, shift team managers, maintenance and mechanical engineers, as well as environmental engineers.

More details related to the course material/agenda can be found in the seminar brochure. To sign up, simply complete the enrollment form at the end of the brochure and email to us. This event sells out very quickly, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible!

To download seminar brochure please Click  Here!

To Register for Seminar Please complete the enrollment form on the brochure and return to us by email or fax (as noted on brochure).

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